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Middle School Cross Country Information

Middle School Cross Country- A Great Experience!

Cross Country is a sport that is open to both boys and girls in 7th and 8th grades.  It involves running on trails and racing 2 miles against others and against yourself. We encourage students of all ability levels. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, we promote the building of friendships, and we have a lot of fun along the way. BEGINNERS WELCOME!


How About Cross Country?

Are you looking for a way to make new friends and have fun in middle school?  Why not try cross country if you are in 7th & 8th grade? Cross Country is a sport that involves running on trails.  You run in all kinds of weather, through mud, hills, grass etc.  It is a team sport, but also involves individual accomplishment.  If you have the ability to walk, then you have the ability to run. That’s all you need to do.  The more you run, the easier it becomes!! You can start with absolutely no experience, and we’ll turn you into a distance runner.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the desire to learn the sport.


We have a lot of fun with our sport.  We have a picnic breakfast in the summer, a candy scavenger run, an ice cream run, hill workouts, pizza day, and lots more.  The best part though is experiencing the transformation into a true distance runner.  It’s something not many people can say they are. You will be proud to consider yourself a distance runner.

If this seems like something you’d like to try, we’d love to have you. You won’t regret it. We have attached a schedule of summer practice as well as a beginner training program.  If your family has a vacation planned or something that would prevent you from making all the practices, just let us know.  We can work something out. Likewise, if transportation is a problem, we usually are able to find other parents to carpool for practices.

Please sign up for our team’s REMIND.COM so that you can receive important announcements. Have your parents sign up too. It’s how we communicate about important events, practices, schedules, etc.





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Summer Practice (Everything is Tentative with Covid on the dates) 

A completed physical form, emergency medical form, concussion, drug testing and Lindsay Law Form will be collected at the first practice. Schedule your sports physical NOW!  You will not be permitted to practice until those forms are turned in to your coach. Forms can be picked up at the middle school or downloaded from the school website.  Just click on the cross country link.

OHSAA Physical Form:

Summer practice begins on Monday, July 6th.  You will need a good pair of running shoes (not cross trainers, basketball, or tennis shoes), a beach towel for stretching, and a water bottle.  Monday through Friday Practices will either be at Lagoon or South Mastick Picnic Area in the Metroparks from (9-10:30 am. Wednesday practices will be held at the high school for yoga, weightlifting, and condition from 9-10:30 am. (We may change the location occasionally on remind)

Classic at Mastick 5K

This is a 5K race (3.1 miles) that we strongly encourage our runners to enter. Proceeds from this race fund scholarships for area high school runners. Parents and family members are welcome to enter as.

New Runners: Getting Ready for the Season

Here’s a simple walk/run program that will get you in shape enough to run with everyone else when practice starts on Monday, July 8th. The key is to follow the plan consistently and repeat the suggested workout at least 4 days each week. This allows plenty of time for your body to get used to running, and also time for your muscles to recover. Before getting started, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you have a good pair of RUNNING SHOES – not cross trainers, walking, or
    basketball shoes.
  • Wear a watch and time your running/walking.
  • Start slowly. The idea is to run for the recommended times consistently, but don’t sprint!
  • Be safe. Run on the sidewalk and bring a friend – even someone on a bike.
  • Run early in the day when the weather is cooler and other plans don’t get in the way.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after you run.
  • Be consistent. If you are following the workouts at least 4 days a week, it will get easier.


Example workouts:

Total time Repeat this workout 4-5 days each week
Run  / Walk  / Repeat
5/24 – 5/30    1 minute /  1 minute  / 10 times / 20 minutes
5/31– 6/6       2 minutes / 1 minute / 7 times / 21 minutes
6/7 – 6/13      3 minutes / 1 minute / 5 times / 20 minutes
6/14 – 6/20   4 minutes / 1 minute / 4 times / 20 minutes
6/21 – 6/27   6 minutes / 1 minute / 3 times / 21 minutes
6/28 – 7/4    10 minutes / 1 minute / 2 times / 22 minutes
7/5- 7/11 Week 1 Of our First Practices

* If you are truly a new runner, stick to the schedule. Everyone’s starting fitness level is different and this may seem easy at first. Stay with the same workout for 3 or 4 workouts, then move up! Remember to be consistent. See you at practice!!

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