Eagles News · NOHS Clubs and Activities Sign Up

Any North Olmsted High School student who is interested in joining a club/ activity for the 2019-20 school year can sign up though the Google link below.


Any questions – contact the club adviser listed on the Google sign up form

Club Information:

Academic Challenge (TV year only) – To represent North Olmsted High School on the WEWS Academic Challenge T.V. Show.

Artisans (Art Club) – To promote appreciation of art

Book Club – Student led independent reading and teacher facilitated discussion

Celebrating Diverse Cultures – To promote a better understanding and awareness of diverse cultures

Chemistry Olympiad – The goals of the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad program are (1) to stimulate all young people to achieve excellence in chemistry; (2) to recognize outstanding chemistry, and by doing so, to encourage additional learning at a formative time in their intellectual development; (3) to foster cross-cultural experiences and to acquaint students with similarities and differences between themselves and their counterparts in other nations; and (4) to challenge the chemical knowledge and skills of student in an international arena.

Computer Club – This club is formed by and for students who wish to promote: knowledge of and experience with technology (in general), knowledge of and experience with the Internet and networking protocols, knowledge of and experience with computer applications and programming (including competing in hackathons and programming competitions), knowledge and experience with robotics, development and maintenance of parts of the NOHSteachers.info web site, and knowledge of and experience with troubleshooting hardware, network, & software problems

Council on World Affairs – The council on World Affairs is a student branch of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs which seeks to educate students in global issues, international law, and parliamentary debate.  Students will present professional, academic debates and research to a larger body of “international” delegates

Difference Makers – It is our mission to bring together leaders within North Olmsted High School’s clubs and organization; for the purpose of giving back to senior citizens, students within the district, and our North Olmsted community as a whole. The purpose of this organization is to unveil leadership characteristics from students, in the practice of benefiting our community.  We are dedicated to improving the greater good through volunteering time.  We will advance the overall quality of the world around us, and it is our plan to collectively encourage the youth by improving the conditions they find themselves immersed within.  It is our philosophy that through compassion and commitment, we can generate unity, which is the cornerstone to an unwavering society.  Starting from the ground up, students will work towards a goal of fundraising and event coordinating to make a difference.

Eagle’s Nest Theatre – ENT is the drama club at the high school.  We produce a fall play in November and a winter play in February. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in acting on stage and in working behind the scenes on the various production crews. The introductory meeting this year will be held on August 27th at 3:25 in the Performing Arts Center.

The Eagle News Network (ENN) is a club that creates the morning announcements for NOHS. Students in ENN meet to brainstorm new segments and formats for announcements. The group members usually record announcements during their lunch periods.

Eagles Outreach Club – to provide students with an opportunity to increase their self-esteem, practice life skills, and improve their social interactions with others.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Students with faith will meet and support each other through social activities and group discussions.

French Club – To encourage interest in France and the French language. To encourage the study of French and enrollment in French class. To increase knowledge of French culture through activities. To provide an academic club option. To provide a scholarship for a Senior French Club member when funds are available.

Girls Athletic Club – To empower young female athletes at North Olmsted High School to become leaders.

Health and Wellness Yoga Club – To promote health and wellness for the student population.

High School Musical – Expose youth of various age levels to a major musical. Create opportunities for students of various age groups to display their talents in the area of fine and performing arts. Include elementary and secondary age students in working collaboratively with parents and senior citizens in various aspects of the musical production. Awaken community awareness of the high school’s fine and performing arts program in the school district.

J.E.T.S. – To emphasize the importance of engineering and technology. To encourage students to excel in mathematics and science. To teach students to work cooperatively in a group environment.

Key Club – The North Olmsted Key Club has the responsibility to conduct an active, meaningful program of service for the school and community.

Math Team – The math team is a group that encourages excellence in mathematics through individual and team competitions.  Students have the opportunity to participate in six Ohio Mathematics League Contests (given in October, December, January, February, March and April) and the American Mathematics Competition (given in February).  High scores on these contests can qualify students to participate in State and National Competitions ad for awards and scholarships. The Math Team also encourages students to participate in the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest. Students have opportunity to win monetary awards.

CCWA Model UN – Model UN teaches highly motivated students what it means to be a global citizen and enhances their academic skills.  Model UN Conferences are role playing simulations in which students represent UN member states in committee and work collaboratively in attempt to solve international problems.  Weekly meetings prepare students for their conference responsibilities as UN ambassadors.  Members of our club can participate in a Malley’s fundraiser, two conferences in Cleveland, and one out of state conference in Chicago.  The group’s adviser is Mr. Aber.

NOHIAN – To produce a high quality yearbook.  To teach members techniques required for production

O.B.O.B.A (Orange and Black One Big Act) – The number one purpose is to provide a venue for students to show their talents in front of others.  Eagle talent show.  Ultimately, we would like to raise enough money to be able to provide three scholarships: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and an O.B.O.B.A. participant.

Ohio Mock Trial – This program, sponsored by the American Bar Association on the National level, introduces new and original mock trial case each year, written by members of the Ohio Bar Assn.  It is presented with great fanfare at the conference of OCLRE (Ohio Center for Law Related Education) held at the end of October in Columbus.  There the case is distributed for the first time to the 200 or 300 teachers in attendance from all over the state.  The case is explained by members of the legal team that designed it and the Constitutional issues involved are fully explored.  Attendance at the conference is not only very educational and informative, but really gives teachers many new ways to teach both the trial itself and Constitutional issues.

Page Turner – To inspire reading and foster discussion of literary works, both old and new.

Quiz Bowl – To promote excellence in all fields of academic knowledge. To compete in weekend interscholastic tournaments throughout the school year.

Freshman / Sophomore/ Junior/ Senior Class – Each grade level forms a Class Executive committee which is responsible for planning, organizing, and preparing for grade level or school activities such as the Homecoming Dance, Prom Assembly, Prom, and Baccalaureate. They are responsible for organizing fundraisers to help defray the cost of such activities. Although the officers have already been elected, we are always looking members to help with activities and to bring new ideas.

Ski Club -The Ski Club provides an opportunity for students to become acquainted with a sport that they will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.  It allows the beginner learning opportunities and the advanced and intermediate skier an opportunity to sharpen and practice learned skills.

Spanish Club -To allow students to have the opportunity to experience and pursue additional cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries.

Student Council – To promote the general well-being of the students at NOHS

SWC Academic Team – To participate in inter-scholastic academic competition amongst Southwestern Conference schools.