Eagles News · NOHS Fall Preseason Meeting – June 3 @ 7PM

North Olmsted High School 2019 Fall Sports Preseason Student/Parent Meeting is on Monday, June 3rd at 7:00 PM in the PAC. The meeting is for all athletes and parents entering grades 9-12 who plan on plan on playing a fall sport.

Powerpoint presentation: Preseason Parent Meeting Fall 2019

If you are a member of one of the following teams you are required to attend:

  • Eaglets and Flag – Choir Room
  • Boy’s Golf – 234
  • Girls Golf – 207
  • Football -Varsity / JV / 9th – PAC
  • Tennis – 124
  • Cheerleaders – Band Room
  • Volleyball – Main Gym
  • Cross Country – HS Media Center
  • Boys Soccer – HS Commons
  • Girls Soccer – Sign in with Coach Armentrout

Concussion Baseline Testing Dates

  • ATHLETIC TRAINING QUESTIONS: Stacy Slack – stacyslackatc@gmail.com
  • Date for Concussion baselines for 2019-2020 School year is Monday June 10, 2019. 

    Test is for Incoming freshman and juniors only! Sophomores and seniors only need to take the test if they had a head injury the previous year or if they did not take the test as a freshman or junior at NOHS.

    Volleyball 8am

    Boys soccer 8:15am

    Girls soccer 8:30am

    Football 9am

    Wrestling 10am

    Hockey 10:15am

    Basketball 10:30am

    Softball/Baseball 10:45am

    As a reminder, we have 2 baseline tests administered. This date would be for the C3 test performed on an ipad and including balance testing. ImPACT, the other test, may be done at home but I will have a computer lab open on this date to complete as well. Any fall athletes attending will be required to complete both tests on this day. Winter and Spring sport athletes may do ImPACT at a later date.

Eligibility Reminders 

  • Athletic Participation Requirements
    • Athletic Eligibility
      • NOHS – Students must pass 5 credits and meet district GPA requiremnets


HEAD COACH INFORMATION – Any sport specific questions please contact the head coach listed below:

HS & MS Cheerleading – Julie Roman  juliejar23@yahoo.com

Boys Cross Country – Mike D’Alessandro  Michael.D’Alessandro@nocseagles.org

Girls Cross Country – Marlene Bloomfield  gmbloom9@gmail.com

Middle School Cross Country – Jenn Began  Jennifer.Began@nocseagles.org

Eaglet Flag Team – Kim Deanovic     Kim.Deanovic@gmail.com

Eaglet Kickline – Gina Caroscio  Gina.Caroscio@nocseagles.org

High School Football – Tim Brediger   Tim.Brediger@nocseagles.org

Middle School Football – Matt Taylor Matthew.Taylor@nocseagles.org

Boys Golf – Tim Murphy  Tim.Murphy@nocseagles.org

Girls Golf – John Wadas   John.Wadas@nocseagles.org

Boys Soccer – Chris Marsh  bigsavecoach@aol.com

Girls Soccer – Bob Armentrout   bob.armentrout@nocseagles.org

Girls Tennis – Eric Hodge  erichodgetennis@gmail.com

High School Volleyball – Joe.Marita.12@gmail.com

Middle School Volleyball – Toni McCord toejoe88@hotmail.com


High School Athletic Questions: Please email athletic director Michael Ptacek.