Eagles News · Blake Weakland, YC Participant of the Week

Congratulations Blake Weakland for winning the Youth Challenge Participant of the Week.  Blake has been with YC for almost ten years now! In those ten years, Blake has become a standout participant. No matter what program he is at, he makes a point of encouraging and cheering on everyone in attendance. When he isn’t cheering folks on, you can usually find him chatting it up with folks about any kind sport, for example, March Madness Basketball!

Speaking of March Madness, the Crosstown Showdown Program is coming up (this Saturday at 11 @ YC!) and Blake has been an All Star! He not only is a good athlete, he is also a phenomenal team mate. He is always empowering those on his team and has become an excellent role model for every one! Thank you Blake for all of the awesome things you do for YC.