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Multiple Teams · Fall Sports Information

North Olmsted High School 2018 Fall Sports Preseason Student/Parent Meeting took place on Tuesday, May 29th at 7:00 PM in the High School Cafeteria. The meeting was for all athletes and parents entering grades 9-12 who plan on plan on playing a fall sport.  If you are a member of one of the following teams you were required to attend:

  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Eaglet Flag & Kickline
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Girls Tennis
  • Volleyball

Meeting PowerPoint presentation

Concussion Baseline Testing Dates

Meeting Agenda 

HEAD COACH INFORMATION – Any sport specific questions please contact the head coach listed below:


HS & MS Cheerleading – Julie Roman  juliejar23@yahoo.com

Boys Cross Country – Mike D’Alessandro  Michael.D’Alessandro@nocseagles.org

Girls Cross Country – Marlene Bloomfield  gmbloom9@gmail.com

Middle School Cross Country – Jenn Began  Jennifer.Began@nocseagles.org

Eaglet Flag Team – Kim Deanovic     Kim.Deanovic@gmail.com

Eaglet Kickline – Gina Caroscio  Gina.Caroscio@nocseagles.org

High School Football – Tim Brediger   Tim.Brediger@nocseagles.org

Middle School Football – Matt Taylor Matthew.Taylor@nocseagles.org

Boys Golf – Tim Murphy  Tim.Murphy@nocseagles.org

Girls Golf – John Wadas   John.Wadas@nocseagles.org

Boys Soccer – Chris Marsh  bigsavecoach@aol.com

Girls Soccer – Bob Armentrout   bob.armentrout@nocseagles.org

Girls Tennis – Eric Hodge  erichodgetennis@gmail.com

High School Volleyball – Mary Kate Evans  MaryKateEvans2@gmail.com

Middle School Volleyball – Toni McCord toejoe88@hotmail.com


HS & MS Cheerleading – Julie Roman  juliejar23@yahoo.com

High School Boys Basketball – Jason Frolo  jfro@roadrunner.com

High School Girls Basketball – John McDermott  johnmmcdermott@yahoo.com

Middle School Boys Basketball – John DuBroy jdubroy17@aol.com

Middle School Girls Basketball – John Sizer John.Sizer@nocseagles.org

Bowling – Tom Hart  Tom.Hart@nocseagles.org

Diving  – Tim Croy  tim@bereadivingclub.com

Gymnastics – Teresa Principi   farley5555@yahoo.com

Ice Hockey – Ben Palocko  bp172108@ohio.edu

Swimming – Bonnie Greer  Bonnie.Greer@nocseagles.org

High School Wrestling – Kerry McWoodson  Kmac158@aol.com

Middle School Wrestling – Neil Lakia  Neil.Lakia@nocseagles.org

Eaglet Dance Team – Gina Caroscio   Gina.Caroscio@nocseagles.org


Baseball – Tim Murphy   Tim.Murphy@nocseagles.org

Varsity and Middle School Softball – Cassie Gaye   Cassandra.Gaye@nocseagles.org

Boys Tennis – Matt DeMain   Matthew.DeMain@nocseagles.org

Boys Track & Field – Jason Krucek   Jason.Krucek@nocseagles.org

Girls Track & Field – Michelle Sanborn   Michelle.Sanborn@nocseagles.org

Middle School Track & Field – Jenn Kuharik  Jennifer.Kuharik@nocseagles.org


High School Athletic Questions: Please email athletic director Michael Ptacek.


Middle School Athletic Questions: Please email athletic director Jennifer Kuharik.