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Eagles News · Who is Brutus the Buckeye?

Not many people ever know who the person is under the Brutus Buckeye mascot costume. It goes without saying that you must keep it secret if you are the mascot at The Ohio State University. Well, North Olmsted High School graduate Alan Babinec, who was a great football and baseball player during his tenure as an Eagle, has had the honors of being Brutus Buckeye for the past three years at THE Ohio State University.

Brutus the Buckeye is known as an historic icon in all of college sports, dating back to 1965 when it was first created. Two OSU students decided the school needed a mascot and wanted to go with the Buckeye, as the buckeye is the official state tree of Ohio. This was back in the day when mascots were live animals brought into the stadium or arena. Since they couldn’t find a way to use a buck deer, they decided to go with the Buckeye, becoming one of the first modern day costume mascots rather than a live animal.

The college mascot business is a very tough job, which displays Alan’s school pride, commitment, and work ethic being a big time Division 1 programs mascot for three years. Brutus is obligated to attend over 500 sporting events on-campus and other social events off-campus in the greater Columbus area. So it’s certainly not easy living the life of Brutus, who was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2007.

This is impressive work by Alan while also maintaining academics full-time. Last sunday, Alan graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Chemical & Bio-Molecular Engineering. Then, he would later turn around, put on his Dress Blues, and received his Commission as an Officer in the United States Marines; with an assignment to Flight School to work his way to becoming a pilot. Congratulations Alan!